BST 2014 Blues Choice Awards

On Saturday April 18th 2015 the Blues Society of Tulsa hosted their birthday bash and Blues Choice Awards ceremony at The Cimarron in East Tulsa. The Best Band award went to Jimmy Jr. Markham and the Caretakers: Jimmy Jr. Markham, Charles Tuberville, Alan Ransom and Ronnie Mac. The band entertained a packed house with 3 sets. Little Joe McLerran received his Best Vocalist award and I received the Best Rhythm award before we played a set. Drummer Harry Williams presented the awards. I am humbled and honored to have the support of BST and all my musician friends here in Tulsa. We are overwhelmed with good, talented working musicians here so it’s no wonder BST is one of the biggest Blues Societies in the world! During the ceremony, I told the crowd that I feel this award is a result of years of hard work and dedication. Everything I’ve done so far has led up to this award being presented to me. I’ve played with numerous bands and have done solo/duo shows since I was 15. I remember going to BST meetings when no one in the room even knew I was a musician. Some of the people I’ve played with have quit altogether but even when times were hard and it seemed to make more sense to quit while I was ahead I’ve kept going. I’ll never forget when Little Joe and I dropped in at the Cimarron on a Sunday night on our way back into town from the Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City. After we played a set, a couple of musicians who I respect and admire and who have known me for a few years made it a point to come up and tell me that I’ve come a long way since they first heard me. It takes dedication and time to earn that kind of respect. I had no idea that I had even been nominated until BST President Bill Martin called me a few months ago and told me the votes were in and I had won! The event went well and this award really means a lot to me. I’ll always be grateful for the BST and all it’s members.




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